Zion National Park and Valley of Fire ADVANCED Night Photography Workshop

Zion National Park and Valley of Fire ADVANCED Night Photography Workshop


This advanced workshop is for those who would like to learn the most advanced night photography shooting and post processing techniques available with hands on instructions from one of the most innovative landscape astrophotographers in the world! Taking place among the beautiful rock formations of Valley of Fire State Park and in the epic canyons of Zion National park; my goal with this workshop is to facilitate an unforgettable astrophotography adventure while teaching you the most advanced and best ways to capture the beauty of the night sky! This workshop is also for those looking to begin taking their astrophotography to a professional level and hear lots bad astronomy jokes. What's the difference between a steak and a meteorite?
Ones a little meat and the other is a little meteor ;)


Pricing: $1150 total cost - Other astrophotographers charge considerably more for much more basic workshops that will not teach you how to use a German Equatorial Mount or stacking algorithms that can contribute to a virtually noiseless image ;) I try my best to keep my workshops reasonably priced and accessible because I believe teaching other's the tools that can help them express their own unique light through their photos and the impact that can have on their lives, the people around them, and the world is more important.

Location: Valley of Fire State Park for one night, then Zion National Park for 2. Valley of Fire is a quick 45 minute drive East out of Las Vegas



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