Derek Culver

Derek Culver is a professional landscape astrophotographer and digital artist born in 1993 and raised in Issaquah, Washington; a town outside the city of Seattle on the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Between his Dad’s child friendly lessons of Scientific America and being an avid reader since he was a wee little lad, Derek’s interest in creativity, adventures, storytelling, and astronomy were sparked early. 


Although relatively new to the field of astronomy and photography, Derek is a self taught astrophotographer who has since been a innovator in the landscape astrophotography imaging community- well known for his high image quality and intense passion for art. By drawing from the complex science of deep space astrophotography imaging and photometry after working at a telescope store in Seattle, Derek pioneered the incorporation of German Equatorial Mounts (a machine that aligns with Polaris and tracks the sky which can produce drastically higher quality night images) into landscape astrophotography. Pioneering these innovative techniques revolutionized image acquisition and quality within the landscape astrophotography community. Derek owes a great deal of his astrophotography success to the support of his Father, his good friend Daniel Greenwood, the great folks of the Seattle Astronomical Society, and his nonexistent social life.

Derek has an immense passion for using his artwork and platform to promote the perspectives he has cultivated and refined during the peripheral time surrounding the thousands of hours he pours into astrophotography. Using his imagery to capture his audience’s attention and his extremely candid writing style to share personal life experiences, tribulations, and thoughts; one of Derek's paramount purposes with his life and art is to inspire introspective reflection in others, passion for finding one’s life purpose, positive perspectives, and appreciation for God's beautiful creations- including ourselves. You can get to know Derek through his art and writing more by checking out the “PURPOSE” tab on his website or keeping up with his instagram.

When not pulling multiple all nighters out under the night sky or going on 12 hour photo editing binges, Derek can be found reading (George R. R. Martin, Leo Tolstoy, & Malcom Gladwell are some favs), working out, and playing Rocket League (Season 3 All-Star).