(July) Goblin Valley Workshop 7/12-15/2018

(July) Goblin Valley Workshop 7/12-15/2018

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Thursday through Sunday June 12-15th, 2018. Full itinerary will be released to participants and serious inquirers who need more info.


$750 per person total.

A $100 deposit (non refundable) to reserve one of ten spots in advance, the remaining balance can be payed online any date before 7/12 or cash upon arrival.


Goblin Valley State Park, Utah. The exact coordinates of our spot will be provided once signed up.



  1. A DSLR with long exposure capabilities
  2. Sturdy tripod
  3. Various lenses (14mm-85mm), mostly wide angle with fast aperture (f/2.8-ish)
  4. An intervalometer
  5. A headlamp with red light capabilities
  6. Memory cards and batteries
  7. Proper clothing, medicine, hella snacks.


  • 4 days/3 nights of hands on astrophotography instruction
  • Camping/Yurt accomodations (hotels are nearby as well)
  • 4-star breakfast and dinners cooked on site
  • 4 hours of post processing follow up videos and lessons

Three epic full nights/days of hands on astrophotography instruction with Jaxson and Derek in Goblin Valley State Park, camping and yurt accomodations, over 4 hours of post processing videos and private editing lessons, and life long memories of a truly fun and passionate astrophotography vacation.  This workshop will teach you a comprehensive workflow from image acquisition to editing, so you can create extremely clean, detailed, and creative images using a standard DSLR set up. 

Topics covered: 

(included but not limited to!)

  • Both Jaxson's and Derek's personal artistic theory with composition and photography.
  • Camera settings ISO, Aperture, and Exposure time for a well balanced image.
  • Learning about and planning your Milky Way shots around the Milky Way core schedule, moon cycles, light pollution and locations.
  • Discuss astrophotography equipment like lenses, camera bodies, intervalometers, and even equatorial mounts, and post processing softwares like Lighroom and Photoshop.
  • Finding an artistic and interesting composition and foreground and what factors contribute in making a high quality astrophoto.
  • Astrophotography techniques like how to focus your camera at night, find the Milky Way and important night sky constellations, stars, and celestial objects.
  • Concepts about balancing a proper exposure and the exposure triangle with ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. Topics like Signal, Noise, Rule of 500, Coma, Chromatic Aberrations.
  • We will also discuss astrophotography topics like Signal to Noise Ratio, Quantum Effeciency, Tracking, Stacking, and more.
  • 3+ hours of post processing videos and private instruction for blending, compositing, editing, and using editing techniques to make your pictures unique, and epic.
  • Probably some tasteless yet subtle jokes about how phallic looking the rocks are in Goblin Valley. What I meant to say is, regional geology facts!
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