Working With The Negatives

Always strive to become the strongest version of yourself whether that's mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. There's enough negativity and hate in our society right now that's it's easy to get caught up in the drama and find yourself trapped in a pessimistic attitude towards the world, the things in your life, and yourself. Sometimes we can't control the negative shit that happens, but we can always control our perspectives, attitudes, and whether or not we choose to empower ourselves with a positive mindset that will help you make GOOD come out of the BAD.

I believe all the negative shit that happens is actually part of a bigger plan and purpose that God or whatever you believe in has for your life. Adversity builds character, resilience, and most importantly, bad things give us great opportunities to be introspective and reflect on where you are at in life and how you can improve and be stronger to rise up to that negative stuff and, metaphorically, kick it's ass. Everything in your life is here to teach you something and help you find a purpose, the GOOD and the BAD. It may sound crazy, but positive perspectives are tremendously powerful, and even when believing in yourself may seem irrational, stupid, or egotistical- do it anyway.

Fuck the negative mindsets of society that try to manipulate and take advantage of people with low self esteem. You don't have to succumb to the negativity of the world- positive perspectives and self love are the way you rise above it. So take control of the information coming your way, take control of your perspectives, take control of the way you think about yourself, take control of your thoughts, take control of your words, and take control of your life by believing that YOU are worthy of good things, happiness, and success. Because you are. It's all about 'working with the negatives to make for better pictures'