"Whether it's through meditation, positive thinking, or visualization, there's a lot of power and potential in how you think about things. I know some people don't really believe in the power of thought but think about every saying you've heard about sports or success being part physical, part skill, part mental... Well being paralyzed, it becomes all mental. I had things I tried to enjoy when I really wasn't moving at all but I learned to pretty much live in my head as weird as it sounds. You have to be strong mentally, find peace inside yourself, find the good in others, believe in your own value. I could go on forever of thoughts and examples over the years but to cut it short, find peace in everything you do, everything else will follow." @sherown.campbell


Been following @sherown.campbell for a while now and it's amazing to be able to see this man recover and rebuild from a debilitating accident that made him a quadriplegic. He's worked from an incapacitated state to being physically autonomous, BUT, the thing I've noticed that hasn't changed (in a good way) is that his mentality, positive perspectives, and faith in life are basically THE SAME and consistent to now as they were when he was incapacitated. seriously go check his account for yourself, the guy is a huge inspiration and a leader. We don't realize how remarkably powerful positive perspectives can be in life- far too often we tend to give up on ourselves because negative perspectives blind us from our ultimate potential and talent, and it's great seeing people break away from that improper mindset and go about things through FAITH. I draw a ton of inspiration from this guy with my own perspectives, and I just wanted to thank you for using the adversity in your life to inspire others (working with the negative to make for better pictures🙃)