Mental Health

Never trivialize the challenges in your life: physical, mental, or emotional. Everyone is fighting a battle internally and World Mental Health Day is important to me & many others because it helps remove the taboo surrounding mental health problems and subsequently alleviates the burden among (the many) of those who suffer day to day from these disorders and problems. As someone who has grappled with suicide and manages some exciting mild bipolar disorder, I admire a lot of the people coming out on Facebook, Instagram, etc talking about their issues and challenges- that helps gives others the courage to talk about their own problems, seek help, and remind us all to be collectively vigilante in helping others in their struggles. It doesn't matter how severe your problems are or how bleak your situation may seem to you; you're never alone and there are always people who want to hear what you're going through and help you. There's a whole arsenal of medicine, people, perspectives, and action ready to fight for you and help you fight for positive steps forwards into making good decisions, gaining momentum, managing the hardships, and living a happy life. Don't ever be afraid to reach out, you'd be surprised how many people will reach back and show love. Feel free to DM me as well. You're not alone and you can do this! 

"All our challenges are also challenged for other people. We go through shit so that we can show other people that you can get through shit." -Elliott Hulse