Here's a letter I wrote to myself this summer to wait and open until the next time shit fell apart, well:

"Honesty scares people. It's no wonder- we're just a bunch of flawed people seeking perfection in an imperfect world. Honesty is scary because the honest truth is that we are all imperfect while society displays perfection as the only adequate option, so we tend to avoid it because we perceive ourselves as inadequate if we fall short of perfection. But I'm telling you that it is okay to not be perfect. Always strive to be the best version of yourself, but don't doubt yourself when you do mess up, don't hate yourself when you make mistakes, don't destroy yourself for having flaws... Because flaws and mistakes are just parts of the greater equation and do not ultimately define who and what you are. One of the best ways to love yourself, is to come to terms with the fact that you are NOT perfect. Once you do that... it's much easier to enjoy the things you do have going for you and to be thankful for them, to find your value in the right places, and be honest. It's too hard to enjoy life over encumbered with insecurity. Perspectives are powerful, and you get to choose where you seek value in yourself. Don't let the pessimism and negativity of our world hijack your happiness. It's easier to love yourself when you're in control. Take control. Self worth is one of the most coveted, attractive, and powerful things you can arm yourself with"