(SOLD OUT) Workshop 2: Mt Rainier National Park 7/28-29

(SOLD OUT) Workshop 2: Mt Rainier National Park 7/28-29

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Pricing: $450 total cost, with a $250 reservation deposit to reserve a spot. Optional $85 advanced post processing lessons on top of basic post processing lessons. The remaining $200 or $335 needs to be paid within 14 days of the workshop starting date.

$450 - Premium Astrophotography Workshop 

$535 - Premium Astrophotography Workshop + optional $85 advanced post processing lessons.



Schedule: Each workshop starts around 7pm on Friday and finishes around 2:30am Sunday morning (basically Saturday night). All shooting and processing events will take place in between these times- you will of course have blocks of time in-between shooting and processing events to sleep, nap, eat, and explore the park on your own.

Location: Mt Rainier National Park, Sunrise Visitor Center area.

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Workshop Details

Overview: Guided by myself and my guest host and best friend Daniel Greenwood!. We feel very blessed for the opportunity to share our passion for capturing images of the night sky with others! We will immerse ourselves in Mt Rainier National park and enjoy a weekend of some of the most beautiful scenery in the world! People travel tremendous differences just to enjoy the treasures of Mt Rainier during the summer- it is a vast playground of wildflowers, forests, and majestic mountains!

These workshops will be a comprehensive look into our own personal workflows. We have pioneered the most innovative techniques available in landscape astrophotography right now including but not limited to:

- Tracking with German Equatorial Mounts
- Focal Length Blending
- Focus Stacking
- Compositing Tracked sky images with still foregrounds for insane detail and low noise

- Quantum Efficiencies, Critical Focus, Chromatic Aberrations, and Photometry

- ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture

- Rule of 500, Periodic Error, Polar Alignment, Star Trailing

- Light pollution, Moon and Light Phases, Milky Way Positioning

- Blending Methods, Layers and Masking, Noise Reduction

You don’t need the fanciest lens or newest Sony sensor to get extremely detailed and low noise shots of the Milky Way- we broke the exposure triangle by creating a unique workflow that combines the power of complex Deep Space imaging techniques with an Equatorial Mount to the art of landscape astrophotography foreground acquisition and we our comprehensive plan to break it down both in the field and the classroom will be easy to follow and presented in a laid back but very in depth manner that will be accessible to learn for all levels of astrophotographers.

This workshop will include processing/editing class where we take the images we shot in the field and edit them together! We will also be sending you home with a processing video for you to keep and reference at any time. There is an additional add on option that includes a second class of advanced photo techniques including but not limited to precise selections, luminosity masks, and the most innovate blending and artistic Milky Way editing processes available. This class will take place on the following Sunday of each workshop for an extra $85 OR a 2 hour private editing session via Skype screen share at a later date we schedule at your convenience- whichever one is more convenient for you! Typically a 2 hour session with Dan or I runs at around $75-120 an hour, so we thought this is a great deal and option for those of you who would like extra time to pick our brains and learn even more about the unique editing techniques we use in our own world renown workflows!

We are firm believers in making astrophotography imaging about technique, skill, and passion rather than having the most expensive high ISO handling camera available, although that always helps! A beginner to intermediate level of astrophotography is recommended but we will have no problem between the two of us catching up newer students and blowing the advanced students minds! Students are responsible for their own transportation to meeting locations and accommodations during in-between shooting times, also their own snacks, food, and warm clothes. (but we always bring lots of extras just in case!) Tripod, DSLR, Lens(es), batteries, and a basic astrophotography set up is required. We recommend bringing an intervalometer, extra batteries, and lots of warm hiking gear and layers. Less than one mile of easy hiking may be required. For safety and professional reasons we will only provide students with the in-depth itinerary, locations, etc. once the deposit is paid. You will need to be available for at least by sunset Friday night, several hours during the day Saturday, to Saturday night around 2:30am, and an extra two hours on Sunday if you opted for the additional processing class. We will provide all the knowledge, onsite locations to shoot, and equatorial mounts with peripheral equipments.

We will cover everything from taking your lens cap off and focusing to creating professional level night photography you can print, gift, and drop HOT on your Social Media feeds, because all that matters are likes right? (Just kidding) Bottomless basket of bad jokes free with purchase of this workshop as well ;)

- This workshop costs $450 total. With an optional $85 advanced hands on post processing class in addition to the basic post processing lessons already included.  

-$250 deposit is required immediately to reserve your spot in the workshop.

- The remaining $200 or $285 must be paid in full within 10 days of the workshop starting date unless coordinated otherwise with us or may be dropped from the class without a refund. Please email us at support@blazingheavens.com if you have any questions.
- If you opt out of the additional $85 advanced editing session initially but change your mind, you have up until 24 hours before the workshop start date to coordinate with Daniel or I to join and pay the $85 for the extra editing class.