Live Stream Edit

Live Stream Edit


Sunday April 8th at 6:00pm PST:

This will be a 2 hour live stream for 5 people where I will go in-depth into my shooting and editing processes! Once signed up you will receive an email which will get you prepared for the session that will take place over google hangouts- it will be a webinar in real time using a webcam and screen share where you can ask questions and discuss astrophotography with me (typing out is fine, but a microphone or webcam is even better). All you will be needing for this is a passion for learning, a 2 (last one went 3.5 hours and was super fun!) hour block of time, and access to a computer with a strong internet connection.

We will go over advanced astrophotography shooting and editing techniques like:

  • using focus, tones, and color work

  • tracking, polar aligning, camera set ups

  • stacking, resolving power, sampling, and pano techniques

  • advanced noise reduction

  • creative edits like star spikes, star reduction, star glow, and Orton effects

  • composition choice and advanced image blending

  • advanced masking

  • advanced color work

  • luminosity masks

And many other editing and shooting techniques in my creative process I use every time I create my images.

You will be given access to the Live Stream Edit via email once signed up that will give you details to access and prepare for the Live Stream Edit on Sunday April 8th @6:00pm PST.

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