"Time Blend" Advanced Astrophotography Post Processing Tutorial

"Time Blend" Advanced Astrophotography Post Processing Tutorial


In this video we discuss the advanced blending and Photoshop tools used to edit and create "Time Blends", also known as sunset and milky way image composites first made popular and mastered by Dan Greewood, my original mentor and good friend. By combining multiple images during a whole night through the changing of light at sunset to the sparkling dust clouds of the Milky Way, the advanced editing tools demonstrated in this video will allow you to encapsulate the feelings of multiple scenes all into one creative blenderoli. This video assumes you have a basic knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom and teaches you the advanced tools I use in my workflow every day to composite unique and creative astrophotography.

All these concept and more while working together multiple images into a brand new Time Blend. With a step by step approach that includes all the original files in TIFF format, a juicy hour of editing walk through, the finished PSD file with all layers intact- these videos are perfect for those who want to learn the tools that will unleash their creative vision and create extremely high quality and unique astrophotos.

This video includes:

  • 58 minutes of in depth tutorial content

  • All Tiff files used to create the final image

  • Finished PSD file with all layers

  • My Photoshop shortcuts sheet

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