One on on Photoshop lessons via Skype screen share

One on on Photoshop lessons via Skype screen share

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HOW IT WORKS: Private editing sessions simply using Skype screen share or Google hangouts. All you need is Lightroom, Photoshop, and a solid internet connection for me to walk you through editing in real time where we can discuss, demonstrate, and I can answer any questions. Once booked, I will be in contact with you to coordinate a time that is convenient with your schedule. We can work with my images OR (what I do with most students) I send you a google drive folder that you can upload images you'd like to edit, so then I can take a look at them and plan a creative lesson in advanced. I like to take an extra 15 minutes or so with each session to talk and get to know you and learn about your artistic goals!

DESCRIPTION: Private lessons where I will teach you in real time, using Skype screen share, how to edit your photos in Photoshop. Learn the extremely advanced techniques necessary for creating high quality landscape astrophotography, get creative with compositing and blending modes using multiple images that I help guide you through, or learn the techniques I use to edit my natural landscape photos. 

Whatever your photography objectives are, I love discussing shooting technique, editing techniques, and how they work together in order to teach you the advanced tools you need to so you can express yourself creatively.

SOME OF THE TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES I USE: blend modes, dodging and burning, extremely advanced layer masking techniques, blending multiple images, perspective blending, focus stacking, blending tracked skys and still foregrounds, stacking multiple milky way shots (including light, dark, and bias frames), light balancing techniques, color balancing techniques, luminosity masks, extreme sharpening and tonal sharpening, tonal control and balancing... and more!

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