"Monsters In My Head" Deep Space + Landscape Video Tutorial (PRE-ORDER)

"Monsters In My Head" Deep Space + Landscape Video Tutorial (PRE-ORDER)


PRE-ORDER (Available 6/1/2018)

In this video we will go through the process of tracking, stacking, and processing (widefield) deep space images and then combining them with landscape photos!

I will walk you through all the settings I use to capture widefield deep space images I use to stack together to pull out the many wonderful details of the night sky; then, take it a step further and show you my style of how I blend these widefield images with landscape images!

This video is currently in the process, and is dated to have more info and be ready by June 1st! You can pre-order this on sale, or buy it with the discount bundle.

With a step by step approach that includes all the original files in TIFF format, two hours of jucy editing walk through, the finished PSD file with all layers intact- these videos are perfect for those who want to learn the tools that will enable their own creative vision to manifest and create extremely high quality and unique astrophotos...

This video includes:

  • 90 minutes of in depth tutorial content

  • All Tiff files used to create the final image

  • Finished PSD file with all layers

  • My Photoshop shortcuts sheet

Within 72 hours of purchase, (usually instantly) you will receive a link to a drive folder where you can download the video, raw files and all contents.

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