"Dreamscape" Video Tutorial

"Dreamscape" Video Tutorial


In this video we walk through many of the fundamental editing techniques I use in most of my “dreamy” style astrophotos.

I will walk through the process of complex foreground masking, color and tonal range selections for precise edits, my folder system for precise masking, using light to blend multiple photography elements, my Camera RAW system, using color overlapping color balance selections, gradients, and many creative adjustments to create depth and epic-ness in your astro, dreamscape, and nightscape images!

With a step by step approach that includes all the original files in TIFF format, two hours of jucy editing walk through, the finished PSD file with all layers intact- these videos are perfect for those who want to learn the tools that will enable their own creative vision to manifest and create extremely high quality and unique astrophotos...

This video includes:

  • 90 minutes of in depth tutorial content

  • All Tiff files used to create the final image

  • Finished PSD file with all layers

  • My Photoshop shortcuts sheet

Within 72 hours of purchase, (usually instantly) you will receive a link to a drive folder where you can download the video, raw files and all contents.

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