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Night climbing Mt Rainier to summit by daybreak... I'll never forget watching those headlamps glow their way through the night up & up.

Now I'm usually strapped with 50-60lbs of astrophotography imaging gear these days with all the crazy equipment and techniques I use to image, so after a strenuous and somewhat dangerous night hike with my good friend Daniel Greenwood (@dangreenwoodphotography) to the Burroughs Mountain late last July; that included icy drop offs, flashlights running out of battery, and Dan scaring me with UFO conspiracies to the point where I was startled by a trail sign (that snuck up on me) to swing (and luckily miss) my tripod at what I thought was an Alien trying to probe me... This little walk of ours was still a piece of cake relative to those climbers heading up Mt Rainier. Ahh good times.

Anyway, I wish I could talk to the folks climbing Mt Rainier that night and let them know how cool I think they are. And to thank them for profound inspiration you gave me that night, putting our climbs into perspective. If that was you up there July 30th, 2016 1:56am, I owe you a print of this shot for helping make it interesting!

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